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What To Expect

We know entering a new congregation for the first time can be uncomfortable, so we make it OUR responsibility to make you feel right at home from your very first visit. You will be welcomed with a smile, and whether you need childcare or are looking for a place for your teens, friendly people will be nearby to help you get where you need to go.

You will also find a group of people very much like yourself who come from all walks of life. The factor that pulls us all together is our uncommon love for God and for each other. We believe you will find the "atmosphere" at University one that will stimulate your worship and personal growth before God.

When we worship together you will notice that we sing "a cappella," that is, without a musical instrument being played. By making the music in our hearts and singing together to God, we each have a unique opportunity to "take part" in every worship service.

You will experience a contemporary lesson from God's Word with real life applications you'll be able to use during the week. You will want to bring your Bible and follow along.

Each Sunday we remember our Lord's death by sharing communion or the "Lord's Supper." This is an opportunity to experience the death of Christ for us until He returns, as well as, an opportunity for reflection and transformation.

About the same time in the service we set aside a time to take up an offering that is used to support the many ministries happening at University and abroad. This offering is contributed by our members, and as our guest you should not feel obligated to give.

During each worship service you will hear several prayers offered to God. These prayers, which reflect our dependence upon God and our desire for His leading in our lives, are led by men who are members at University.

One thing that is hard to miss each time we assemble is the warm fellowship among our members. Lots of smiles, handshakes and hugs will be seen as the brothers and sisters of the family of God come together. After all, this is family time; the people of God have come together to worship.