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Foreign Missions Ministry

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Las Jaguitas church of Christ in Managua, Nicaragua

David Alberto Mojica Valle His wife is Kennya Macias de Mojica, and his daughter is Eunice Camila Mojica Macias.

David and Kennya graduated from Baxter Institute in December 2014. He received the award for academic excellence for the 2014 graduating class. He and his wife both graduated with degrees in theology and bible studies. Currently, they are working with Las Jaguitas church of Christ in Managua, Nicaragua. They decided to work with this congregation due to its ties to the family. Ten years ago two families joined together to start a new congregation and give their lives in service to God. David’s family was one of these two families. His heart is in the Las Jaguitas church of Christ.

David describes the church as (1) an environment filled with brotherly love, (2) a congregation working hard for God and (3) a servant church with several ministries including children, youth, women, marriage and family counseling, and literature ministry.

Currently the church has 90 members, 60 of which are adult members and 30 children.

David serves as preacher, teacher, singer, and family counselor. He is one of three preachers. He preaches once or twice a month. He teaches every Sunday and is the director of the Sunday school. Currently, he is training other church members to teach Bible classes.

He and his wife are both involved in marriage counseling and counsel members and non-members dealing with difficult situations. He holds Bible classes for children from the community on Saturday afternoon; after which the children play soccer. The children come from families with domestic problems and David feels these classes help the children.